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19 Aug

Abestos What Is It And What Are The Dangers Of It

Abestos What Is It And What Are The Dangers Of It

Asbestos is now a banned substance that is occasionally in the news for its purported health risks. But many people don't fully appreciate just what asbestos is and why it presents such a significant health risk for individuals and their family members and just what risks that it poses.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a substance that was once a common form of insulation in homes. Overall, it was widely installed as it represented an relatively cheap, effective, and easy to install substance that efficiently protected homes from the exterior environment and served to lower heating and ventilation costs. Asbestos is made up of a condensed micro-fiber that is easily installed and good and installing in tight spaces around the home. For this reason, asbestos was widely installed in all sorts of buildings including industrial, residential, and commercial locations.

Why Does Asbestos pose a Health Risk?

It was eventually identified that asbestos is a carcinogen when it is inhaled. While it is typically not inhaled when it is installed behind drywall of homes, it can be a greater risk when it begins to breakdown into particles and enters the air flow. When this occurs, it can be inhaled into the lungs and can potentially cause cancer. Asbestos is a more significant health risk when it is older and deteriorating as well as when it is being removed. As a result, it is a good idea to have asbestos removed by a professional who is trained at removal and who is using the proper equipment to remove asbestos from the walls of your home. Before removing, it may be a good idea to make sure that asbestos is in your home by having your home inspected for it. For more, please see asbestos testing in Sydney.


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