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19 Jun

How Can You Test for Asbestos?

When testing for asbestos, it's vital that you be extra careful and never break a piece off to send for sampling. The only time you can send a broken piece off for sampling is when it has broken off naturally. And this process should be carried out without any risk of spreading the debris or even exposing yourself to asbestos dust. Whenever you feel that such a risk might occur, it’s advisable to involve a professional contractor. 

In case there is no risk of exposure or spreading the debris, testing asbestos involves the following simple steps. 


The first step you take is carefully dampening the asbestos sample you are about to test. Secondly, place the sample inside a self-sealing polythene bag, make sure that the bag is not torn, or has no breathing holes. The third step is putting an extra second self-sealing bag. This acts as an extra precautionary measure just in case the first bag gets torn, the second bag will act as a sealing protecting you from the debris. After you have done all that, the next important step is labeling your sample. Use indelible ink to label your self-sealing bags and make sure you’re labeling is visible and understandable. And the last step in testing your asbestos sample is putting proper mechanism and arrangement with an accredited laboratory for analysis and testing of your sample. 


Once the test results are out and it shows your sample contains materials that are in good condition, you can leave them in that place. It is of paramount importance to make sure all vital information on location as well as condition is up to date and perfectly recorded. Make sure you have a sign notifying everyone about the presence of asbestos in your area. Lastly, always seek professional advice before removing any asbestos. 


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