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17 May

What is Asbestos Testing and How Does It Generally Work?

Discovering that your house may have asbestos located in walls, under floors, in cupboards and attics can be frightening. This is what is happening to tens of thousands of homeowners every year though as they learn their home was constructed using asbestos as an insulation.


When this does happen, making an appointment for asbestos testing is key if you want to have your home dealt with quickly. Before you do, however, you should know what asbestos testing is and how it generally works.


What is asbestos testing? -- A typical asbestos test is when a technician from a company specializing in them arrives at your home and tests your walls, basements, attics and other areas of the house for asbestos.


This testing generally takes under two hours and primarily involves taking samples of various materials found in your home in order to have them tested in a lab.


Once the asbestos testing is complete, the samples are dropped off at a laboratory. You should receive the positive or negative results within 24 to 48 hours with most companies.


Why should you have asbestos testing done? -- When asbestos was first used as a home insulation, most people did not know it was a dangerous material.


Asbestos is especially dangerous to people living in a property as, if a small piece of the material breaks away from a larger piece and escapes into the air, you can breathe it in.


By spending the small amount of money needed for asbestos testing, however, you can learn if your home had the material used as insulation and then take steps to have it removed.

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