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17 Mar

What is Asbestos Testing and How Does it Work?

In the recent years asbestos has been realized as a super dangerous agent. Previous to the recent decade asbestos was used often in construction materials. For example, most home insulation is filled with asbestos.


When inhaled asbestos goes into your lungs. The tiny silicate particles intertwine with the little sacs in your lungs. Eventually, your body doesn't know how to react to this and so your body attempts to get rid of it and it can evolve into cancer.


Asbestos use has been banned in the United States but asbestos can be found in cheaper imported materials. It is also grandfathered in in homes and businesses that already had it installed.


But it is still a big deal because if it is in your home or attic you could be exposed to asbestos. There is a testing technique that contractors and asbestos specialists can use to ensure that your home is safe.


There are two types of air tests. There is the Phase contrast microscopy and Transmission electron microscopy. The only major difference is that transmission electron microscopy can detect smaller particles of asbestos. Both are very reliable and can give you an accurate representation of the asbestos in your home or building. The asbestos testing is relatively inexpensive. Nothing compared to the cost of fighting lung cancer. If you suspect your home or business has asbestos then get it tested.


The only way to get rid of asbestos if it is detected is to get rid of the insulation or construction material that has asbestos and cleaning. A registered contractor can help you with this. It is difficult to identify where the asbestos is coming from. This is where the asbestos specialist comes in and can assist you in tracking down the exact source.

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