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15 Jan

Asbestos-What is it and What are the Dangers of it?

Asbestos has been a commonly-used substance for many years. It has particularly been used in construction projects because it was thought at the time it served as a good insulator.


But in more recent times, it was discovered that asbestos had a dark side, a very dark side, it was found to have carcinogenic agents, or cancer-causing factors.


As a result of was noticed that many who worked with asbestos tended to develop cancer, particularly mesothelioma, which is a rare form of cancer. It was also observed that many of its victims tended to be construction workers and ship builders.


Because of its seemingly practical use, many companies tried to hide the fact that asbestos was indeed a cancer-causing agent, until it was finally brought into public view that asbestos was indeed the culprit.


Many of its victims began coming forth and revealing that they developed cancer as a result of working with asbestos, as a result investigations began to be made concerning asbestos' link to cancer.


Since then there has been numerous lawsuits from victims claiming to have contracted cancer from working with mesothelioma, resulting in millions of dollars in punitive damages.


So now it is apparent that asbestos is a substance, formerly viewed as having practical value but in actuality is a dangerous, cancer-causing agent. As a result, many construction firms no longer use it.


But if you, or a loved one have positive proof that you or they have contracted cancer from working with asbestos, it would be wise to seek professional legal advice.


Asbestos is now viewed as dangerous substance, protect yourself and your loved ones.


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