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25 Nov

What Is The Safest Way To Do Asbestos Testing?

What Is The Safest Way To Do Asbestos Testing?

What Is The Safest Way To Do Asbestos Testing?

Aged homes that have insulation are highly susceptible to asbestos contamination. Are you considering home renovations? If so, you should anticipate the dangers of asbestos exposure and learn how to avoid potential safety risks.


Asbestos Testing: The Basics

You need asbestos testing to identify contaminated material and safely remove it from your building. Your roofing, insulation, linoleum, exterior stucco applications, floor tiles, and joint/drywall compounds might have some traces of asbestos. With the help of an asbestos abatement specialist, you can check all these areas properly, before you commence building renovations. It will help you protect yourself and your family from hazardous asbestos exposure. These professionals will also conduct comprehensive asbestos testing after home remodeling to ensure you re-enter a safe environment.


Types Of Asbestos Testing Methods

Although you might feel inclined to carry out DIY asbestos testing, it is risky to go this route. Not knowing where the problem lies, you might unintentionally disturb asbestos fibers and cause it to disperse all over your living space. Asbestos abatement experts use specialized technology and tools to inspect your home and extract samples. Removing asbestos is a highly meticulous process, which requires extreme caution and care when collecting samples for testing. 


Your asbestos abatement team will do air PCM or Phase Contrast Microscopy testing to identify different airborne particles. It is not a time-intensive process. Sometimes, specialists employ TEM or Transmission Electron Microscopy technology to detect extremely tiny fibers permeating the air. It is becoming more widely applied today because of its rigorous testing approach to analyze asbestos samples. 


With PLM or Polarized Light Microscopy, it is possible to analyze and categorize various asbestos-containing building materials. It evaluates the fibers for mineral-specific properties and provides a detailed analysis that shows asbestos level or percentage. Asbestos abatement technicians also use TEM and PLM technology to test water and soil for impurities. 

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